LiveFine Smart Pill Bottle Cap w/ Automatic Reminders

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  • Intuitive Design with Reminder "Factory Preset" Inside Cap; No Resetting Needed
  • Automatic Reminder Activates and Sets Next Dose Time Whenever Cap Is Closed
  • Audible and Visual Alerts Provide Loud Beeps & Flashing Red LED Light Reminders
  • Simple, Intelligent System Prevents Missed Pills or Tragedy of Accidental Overdose
  • Patented Design is Highly Recommended By Doctors, Nurses & Pharmacists Alike

    Never fear for your loved one's medical safety again! Love/care for someone suffering from memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, or Dementia? Then you know the high risk of missed doses and accidental overdoses, which can result in serious illness or even death. Put such fears to rest with Ivation's ingenious smart pill bottle cap, a small, intuitive "guardian angel" over your loved one's medication needs. With simple factory-preset reminders, loud beeps and flashing LED light, this small cap is a solution to a BIG problem. Embrace peace of mind and ensure your loved one's safety. Easy & Highly Intuitive Design Our pill bottle cap fits onto any standard pill vial, and easily unscrews with weak or elderly hands. Settings are factory preset, so no pouring over hard-to-follow directions. Reminder presets go off once, twice, or 3 times per day as needed. Automatic Reminder Resets All the action required to set the reminder is to close the cap. When you unscrew it and take your pill, the reminder immediately resets itself to go off at the next set time - whether it's once, twice, or 3 times daily. It doesn't get easier than that. Audible & Visual Reminders Only clear reminders are effective. Our cap has not one but two alert modes: The cap beeps loudly and a bright, red LED light flashes repeatedly for 90 minutes unless the cap is opened. This ensures a dose is taken at the appropriate time. Reliable Tragedy Prevention Medication "non-adherence" costs $300 billion annually in medical expenses and property damage caused by missed doses or accidental overdose. More costly? The deaths of 125,000 Americans. Our cap ends these accidents once and for all. Patented & Doctor Recommended Our cap is patented by a doctor and recommended by doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.