Automatic Pill Dispenser 28-Day Medication Organizer w/ Alarm Reminder

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Never miss or mix up a dose again!

LiveFine's Automatic 28-Day Pill Dispenser keeps drug doses locked away until the exact moment they need to be taken. Featuring a timer and alerts, this protects against mistaken or forgotten dosages while eliminating the need for constant refilling. To provide peace of mind to patients and their caregivers, alerts are easily programmed to the minute via the LCD interface. You can quickly customize the drug regimen with one of 6 rotating templates for 1-6 daily doses. Battery-operated (4 AAs included)

Convenient Compartments
28 spacious compartments each hold up to 18 aspirin-sized pills. Place an individual dose into each slot and select from one of 6 templates (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 6x daily). Each time the alert sounds, the motorized carousel spins to reveal a compartment with 1 dose.

Intuitive Interface
The screen and controls enable users to set the clock, program alerts to the minute, and select from a variety of volume and other settings. The screen shuts after 10 minutes to save power, while smart technology keeps recorded settings even when batteries fail.

Custom Alerts
Individual alerts will sound for 30 minutes until the patient retrieves pills.

Secure Access
A manual key prevents inadvertent opening. Note that the cover can be pried open, so please use discretion.

Revolutionizes Refills
The high-capacity 18-slot design eliminates the need for constant refills. Depending on daily dosage (as determined by template), refills vary from once in 4 days to once in 28 days: Take 1 pill per day? Refill every 28 days. Take 4 doses per day? Refill once a week.

Product Features:

  • Motorized 28-Slot Carousel Rotates & Delivers Scheduled Medicine; Great for Seniors & Caregivers
  • Audible & Visual Alerts Sound & Flash Up to 30 Minutes When Pills Are Due; Simply Flip & Remove Pills From Slot
  • Multiple Templates Allow Up to 6 Alerts Per Day; Program Exact Dispense Time for Custom Treatment
  • Optional Safety Latch Secures Lid to Prevent Accidental Overdose; Opens Via Manual Key
  • High-Capacity Slots Accommodate Up to 18 Pills & Maximum 28 Days of Treatment for Minimal Refill

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